We are three men passionate about college hoops. And we all have weaves.

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Matt Cox: A quintessential high-school back-up point guard and starting hype man for all things college basketball, Matt is forever searching for the perfect Euro step, whether that's on the court or on a random sidewalk. He works as a consultant in his spare time.  Matt attended a Big Ten school in college.
@matty_cox  &  DJ Dimes

Ky McKeon: A decent high school turned pretty decent recreational basketball player, Ky's feathery touch from 15-18 feet is the stuff of legend. He works as an Auditor for an accounting firm in his spare time. Ky attended a Big-12 turned SEC school in college.

Jim Root: The 6th man of his high-school state championship Wisconsin basketball team, Jim is a large fan of hustle rebounds and the extra pass. He also works as a financial analyst for a printing and logistics company as a side job to make a few dollars.  Jim attended a Big-12 turned SEC school in college.