Mid Range Report Bracketology V4 2/6/2016

First Bracketology of February for me, these are games ended Friday, 2/5/2016. 

Here is the Bracket:

And the full S-Curve...

Just a few quick notes, I'm going to keep this one pretty short:

Not much happening on the 1-seed line. Frankly, Iowa, Xavier, and even Virginia all have valid claims at the fourth 1 spot. I expect some gaps to emerge as the weeks continue on.

Oregon really should be a 2, but we can't have five 2's, so they stay on the 3-line.

Texas is one of the biggest movers, the Horns are looking very impressive lately, they are 4-2 vs. the Top 25 and 8-6 vs. the Top 100 while owning the 18th highest RPI. Florida too jumped up big time from their 10-seed in the previous bracket.

We have some new entrants with VCUFlorida State, and George Washington. I still think St. Joe's isn't sticking around for too much longer, especially with the resurgence of Vanderbilt and Wisconsin.

Just to get this off my chest real quick - I think it's retarded Louisville has to miss this postseason. This now makes two of the best teams in the country (along with SMU) ineligible for the greatest tournament on Earth. This ban is self-imposed, but the NCAA has set this stupid precedence that if a school "punishes" themselves - usually by instilling a postseason ban - they won't be punished as harshly had they not imposed such sanctions. Louisville made the right choice in terms of doing what's best for the future of their program. In the long run, a postseason ban this year versus losing scholarships sets the school up for a greater chance at success in the future. I get that. But it also punishes players like Damion Lee and Trey Lewis (and the rest of the current Cardinal roster for that matter) who had absolutely ZERO involvement in the incident causing the ban. The NCAA should have set standards to deal with situations like this. Current players should not be punished for the transgressions of past players or coaches. Fine the athletic department, fire a coach, suspend a coach, get rid of players involved - and yes maybe take away a future scholarship - but banning these kids from the postseason is not the right solution and it's sad to see dreams of players get crushed due to the faults of others.