Second Chance Points Bracketology - FINAL 2016

Here is the final bracket projection (thank you to Sparty and UConn for winning!):

The final S-Curve of the season:

And the all-important bubble! What a mess...

Jumbled thoughts:

I flipped San Diego State with South Carolina as I was posting this. Pretty wild to have the SEC only get two teams, but we'll see - they just didn't earn it. Michigan separated itself SLIGHTLY from the Pitt/Vandy/South Carolina group by getting just a couple extra elite wins compared to their bubble peers. 

I think the committee would be contradicting itself bigtime to leave Monmouth out. 

Temple and Wichita get in for different reasons, and I think it's appropriate to have them play each other in Dayton.

I love Syracuse's wins, both in conference and out, but they just didn't do enough for me and faded late (I know the committee doesn't explicitly consider this anymore, but I think it's within the "eye test).