MidRange Report Bracketology 2/26/2017

- Ky McKeon

It's almost March! To celebrate, I made a new bracket. Check it out:

And the Full S-Curve:


  • Guys, Butler deserves to be a 2-seed. I thought this before the Xavier game on Sunday, I think it even more so now. The Dogs are currently #10 in the RPI, are 9-2 vs. the RPI Top 50, and 16-4 vs, the RPI Top 100. Their #21 KenPom ranking may bring them down a bit, but those wins (Villanova twice!) more than make up for it.
  • There are seven teams that could be a 3-seed right now (Florida State, Kentucky, UCLA, Florida, Arizona, West Virginia, and Duke). Honestly, if it weren't for the Committee releasing Florida as the #11 team a couple weeks back, I'd have the Gators back on the 4-line.
  • Virginia is #16 and Purdue is #17 on my S-curve, but due to the bracketing rule that says the top four seeds in each region need to be teams out of different conferences, Purdue had to take the last 4-seed. Sorry Hoos. 
  • Northwestern is now down to a 10-seed, and really a case could be made that they are truly an 11-seed. Come on Cats. Other stumblers include Xavier (10-seed), Wisconsin (6-seed), Maryland (7-seed), and Marquette (11-seed).
  • Rhode Island's win against VCU gets them in the field. The Rams are now #39 in the RPI and have two wins against the RPI Top 25.
  • Georgia Tech sneaks in above TCU, Illinois State, and Kansas State due to their wins against the RPI Top 25. They have four. Very few teams in the entire field can say that. TCU, Illinois State, and Kansas State have one win against the RPI Top 25 combined.