Mid Range Report Bracketology - 3/10/2017

Note to be outdone by my colleague, Mr. Root, here is my current Field of 68 in all it's glory:

And the full S-Curve:

A couple of notes:

- YES, I did break the rules and put two play-in games on the same Thursday / Saturday schedule. You are technically not allowed to do that, but I'm a bad, bad man.

- Duke's resume is starting to look mighty fine. It would not shock me at all to see the Dukies on the 2-seed line ahead of Louisville on Selection Sunday. If they beat UNC, they definitely are a 2-seed.

- Butler's loss makes them a comfortable 4-seed. Arizona takes their spot from my most recent update. I don't think the Wildcats have enough top wins to be given a 2-seed. If they win the Pac-12 tournament, maybe I'll have to change my tune.

- Virginia is one of the best 5-seeds ever. If Michigan beats Purdue today, I think the Boilers move back and the Hoos reclaim a 4-seed.

- Dayton just lost to Davidson following the completion of this bracket. You could argue they should now be an 8-seed. I'm leaving them at a 7 for now.

- Iowa State, Minnesota, and Cincinnati all have legitimate claims to that final 5-seed. I went with the Gophers for now, but if the Committee falls into recency bias, the Clones will take this spot.

- Huge win for Xavier over Butler. The Musketeers will probably end up jumping Providence or Marquette for a 10-seed.

- Bubble talk: I think Syracuse gets in as of now despite their #84 RPI. Illinois State and Rhode Island have strong cases for that last spot as well. I personally hope the Rams win the A-10 Tourney and we can say goodbye to Cuse.

- I have a bad feeling USC is going to be left out of the field. I really hope it doesn't happen.