MidRange Report FINAL Bracketology

- Ky McKeon

Merry Christmas everyone! Today is Selection Sunday, the greatest day in all of sports (in one man's humble opinion). I'm not one for sappy intros, so let's just get right to the brass tax...

The Bracket

The S Curve


- There are going to be a TON of upsets this year, mark my words. The 11-16 seeds are a relatively strong crop of teams that (for the most part) won their regular season conference titles. We will miss the likes of Vermont and Northern Kentucky, but we should have plenty of excitement and Cinderella teams to cheer for.

- The bubble was incredibly tough this year. Last season a lot of us bracketologists correctly chose all 68 teams in the Field. That will surely not be the case this year with around 6 squads having a strong case for the Dance. Ultimately, I went with quality wins as my deciding factor, which led me to chop St. Mary's and MTSU much to my chagrin. My closest cut was Syracuse, a team with a good amount of quality wins and a dynamite strength of schedule. It would not shock me to see the Orange in the Field.

- A couple teams I have in that could "surprisingly" be left out include St. Bonaventure and Creighton. The Jays' resume really isn't anything special, but a strong advanced metric ranking kept them in the Field for me. The Bonnies' strong RPI and solid wins kept them around.

- Oklahoma has a decent resume despite the feelings of majority of college basketball fans. They could honestly be seeded as high as the 8-line. Remember, the entire year is what counts, not just the final month.