Bracketology 2/24 - MidRange Report

- Ky McKeon

March is right around the corner and I for one cannot contain my excitement. I am LITERALLY (*Chris Traeger voice*) bouncing off the walls. I encourage all of you to check out my colleague Jim Root’s latest bracketology for some nice intro discussion on the current state of the bracket as this narrative will be rather short.

A few short notes before the bracket and S-curve reveal…

  • How far can Nevada fall? The Wolf Pack were included in the Committee’s Top 16 Reveal a few weeks back, but since then have fallen to San Diego State and STILL do not have a single Q1 game on their resume. Jim and I have them on the 5 and 6 lines, respectively.

  • I am stoked that my bracketing left me with an Iowa v. Wofford matchup in one of the 7/10 games. Were this real life, I would backup a Brinks truck full of money to dump on the Terrier money line.

  • I gave Lipscomb the A-Sun auto-bid nod over Liberty for sake of simplicity. The Bisons have a real shot at an at-large bid, but let’s give some of the other bubblicious squads a chance at this one.

  • Kentucky has unseated its conference foe, Tennessee, for the final 1-seed. The Cats have had a truly impressive run in 2019.

Ok, let’s get into it…

The Bracket

Last Four In / Out

The S-Curve