2020 Bracketology - April 2019 Preview

-Jim Root

For those that prefer such things, this can also double as a Top 25 post (just follow the ol’ S-Curve below). Disclaimer: these opinions are entirely mine, Ky and Matt had zero in put, so direct all of your questions and vitriol at me.

Happy to talk through any notable draft decisions, because I made (un)educated guesses on who would stay or who would go. You can probably infer a lot of the choices I made, though. For instance, there’s been whispers about Grant Williams returning for Tennessee, but I’m banking on his departure (and Jordan Bone’s, as well) for this iteration of the bracket; that’s why the Vols are so far down the seed list.

I’ll tweet out the top 30ish just for chuckles/controversy, because I have a college hoops-sized hole in my heart and the only thing that can currently fill it is to anger as many fanbases as possible. I may also add some thoughts in here as the day goes by, but wanted to get this posted: