2018-19 Elite 8 Preview: Duke vs. Michigan St.

Coach K has won 11 of the 12 meetings between these two legends of the profession, but Tom Izzo has a hot Spartan team playing confidently and ready to take down the Goliaths that are Duke and Zion. Who will cut down the nets in the nation’s capital?

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The “Under 900” Club

With 353 teams in Division I hoops, there are plenty of stars - but which ones are the most unique? Welcome to the “Under 900” Club, where we pay homage to the most (statistically) incomparable players in college basketball. What makes them so unique? And how will their distinct games drive team success going forward?

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Weekend Wrap-up

150 games are too many to keep track of…

The NFL playoffs were on….

These are not acceptable excuses for losing sight of what really matters - come along with the Weave as we reflect on the wild weekend that was in college hoops.

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