Colonial Tournament Preview 2019

The prolific offenses of the CAA descend on Charleston for what is always one of most entertaining conference tournaments every year. Hofstra is the favorite, but the Pride’s late season struggles leave this one up for grabs…

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Weekend Wrap-up

150 games are too many to keep track of…

The NFL playoffs were on….

These are not acceptable excuses for losing sight of what really matters - come along with the Weave as we reflect on the wild weekend that was in college hoops.

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Colonial 2018-19 Preview

Jim is bursting at the seams to finally preview the Colonial after three years of being shut out. It’s no coincidence that the league name has two “O’s” and zero “D” (yes that joke is horrendous, but it’s true)…

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Colonial 2017-18 Tournament Preview

Charleston was the preseason CAA darling, and they managed to snag the 1-seed after a bumper-than-expected season. But the CAA looks wide open for any of the top five squads, so we could see some chaos in South Carolina...

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Colonial Preview 2017-18

With turnover and a coaching change plaguing recent league power UNC Wilmington, Charleston has emerged as the conference favorite. Earl Grant has a deep, experienced roster with the power to upset in the Big Dance. Towson, Elon, and Hofstra look to spoil the Cougars' auto-bid hopes.

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Colonial Preview 2016-17

The CAA has been knocking on the door of the top ten conference list the past few years. With talented squads returning for UNC Wilmington, Charleston, and Hofstra, high-seeded Tourney teams should be shaking in their boots.

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